Yellow swirl illustration Sumi Wang with her father, the creator of eFOLDi, who's sitting on the eFOLDi scooter

Like it is with most daughters, my dad is my hero and the greatest man I know. But, I'm not trying to boast when I say the man is a genius.

In 2012, when my dad fell off the stage and became disabled, he couldn't find a mobility scooter that was safe and comfortable, but also light and easy to use everywhere.

Instead of complaining to anyone, he simply sketched up his own transport that fitted all his criteria - eFOLDi. This new mobility scooter gave him freedom, friendship and, most importantly, fun! Simply by creating a device that matched his high

Animated icon of the eFOLDi scooter eFOLDi creator carrying his daughter and founder Sumi Wang on his scooter
The creator of eFOLDi sitting on his scooter with 3 people next to him

standards, my dad had created a breakthrough in personal travel since the dawn of e-transport.

The second chapter in this story came in 2013, when I became ill and spent the next two years in and out of hospitals. I made a decision then that would change the rest of my life. I realised that my father is getting older now and his memory is not what it was, although he still has great ideas and loves coming up with new inventions. And despite the fact he has already given the world so much, I would like the mobility scooter to be his legacy.

I decided to leave my career of 15 years behind and begin this new venture- eFOLDi.

I founded SunTech UK Ltd, a specialist company that invents and designs innovative products. All created to improve convenience, efficiency, quality and enjoyment of life by enabling easy mobility. Our mission is to build an iconic brand for people with reduced mobility, symbolising freedom, friendship and fun! And who would've guessed, we not only won the prestigious title of British Invention of the Year amongst others, but also got personal endorsement from Sir Richard Branson.

It has been an incredible journey and it can only get better! See our Timeline below-

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Never mind
the Best,
be The Only!

The eFOLDi creator tinkering with the prototype of the eFOLDi scooter

There is a pleasure
in the pathless woods,
There is a joy in
leaving a trail,
The pioneer spirit
is alive and well

APR 2013
The eFOLDi scooter sketched out on a canvas
eFOLDi Scooter is

Renowned designer and inventor Jianmin Wang injures his leg and is surprised at the lack of suitable mobility scooters on the market. He develops a model for his own use.

FEB 2015
United Kingdom stamp with Big Ben costing 67p
are set up

Sumi quits her day job (as a Technology Transfer Manager at Queen Mary University of London) and commits everything into building a business around the eFOLDi.

MAR 2016
Winner of British Invention of the Year Award

eFOLDi gains this huge accolade and recognition within the mobility industry.

JUL 2016
Richard Branson
provides        seed
Animated GIF of Richard Brandson watering a garden bed

A hugely successful presentation at the VOOM Awards leads to Sir Richard describing the eFOLDi as "folding magic" and a significant investment is gratefully received.

FEB 2017
The eFOLDi MK1.5 scooter in a photoshoot
of the
Launch of the
eFOLDi MK1.0

The first-of-its-kind, the MK1.0 rolls off the assembly line after a huge effort from Sumi and her team, which by now includes her husband, Jin.

AUG 2018
Promotion showing the eFOLDi MK1.5's launch

This latest version proves to be even more successful than its predecessor. This is followed by the launch of the Power Chair, shortly thereafter.

APR 2020
Guinness Asset Management
investment secured.
Hand holding a yellow piggy bank

eFOLDi is growing in multiple directions towards more markets and more innovations. The investment and expertise of Guinness is a welcome addition for the team to accelerate further growth.