eFOLDi Scooter

The folding magic

Multiple uses

eFOLDi is a folding electric scooter, which merges the durability and range of a mobility vehicle and the cool light-weight appeal of an urban transporter.

Not only can eFOLDi be folded into a wheeled suitcase shape, but can also be used as a comfortable chair.

Improved mobility

Helping you move around with ease, eFOLDi has multiple features that will make travelling a breeze.

eFOLDi is packed with features such as a USB charging port, a horn, turning indicators, reversing beeps and a full lighting system.

Enjoy freedom, enjoy life

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What people are saying…

“eFOLDi is a folding magic, fantastic invention! Simply brilliant!”

Sir Richard Branson


”We're all getting older and the population is about to go through a big demographic shift and I think eFOLDi is really nice!”

The Gadget Show Presenter, Channel 5

“What impressed me the most was how easy it was to fold eFOLDi to a suitcase shape and just drag it wherever you go.”

BBC Presenter

“eFOLDi is easy fold, compact but at the same time very sturdy to carry my weight. It will help me get around on campus easily.”

The University of Surrey

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eFOLDi Scooter

The folding magic