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Maggie enjoys transatlantic trip-of-a-lifetime to the Americas with the help of her eFOLDi scooter.

Maggie from North London credits her exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime transatlantic travel experience to her ‘trusty’ folding scooter. Maggie suffers from COPD, Spinal Stenosis and has a weakness in both her knees so cannot walk for long distances. Despite these challenges, however, Maggie wants to continue to see the world, because foreign travel is her real passion. Here, Maggie tells us about her recent experiences with her Explorer eFOLDi scooter and how she continues to enjoy an independent life with the full freedom to travel and explore overseas - whether by land, sea or air.

“I wanted the freedom and independence to travel, and explore far-away places”

Maggie wanted nothing more than to go on another luxury cruise holiday but knew from past experience that she may struggle to cope with boarding at the various ports along the way. As she had a reduced ability to walk, she thought she may find it difficult to reach the coach, taxi or dock gates. Having discounted the idea for some time, Maggie eventually decided to enquire directly with the cruise line, whose booking agent promptly asked if she had ever considered travelling with the help of a mobility scooter. Maggie says, “I wanted the freedom and independence to travel, and explore far-away places, but my mobility impairments made be doubt whether I could do it again - practically and safely. I’d not considered using a mobility scooter before, but I was determined to investigate all the options and proceeded to book my trip. My cruise voyage would last for 3 months, sailing to a host of amazing destinations up and down the coast of North and South America, and even included a trip up the mighty Amazon River in-land. Departing from Southampton, the ship would visit several Caribbean islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Panama as well as two stops in Florida on the East Coast of the United States.”

“The Explorer was lightweight, airline friendly, and compact”

Maggie needed a scooter that was portable and airline compliant for this cruise trip, as well as other foreign holidays, but it also needed to be powerful enough to cope with the very steep hills near her home. Maggie soon realised that she needed a Class 3 type scooter which would come with a maximum speed of 8mph and that would help handle the hilly terrain close by. The only problem was that most Class 3 scooters were neither portable nor lightweight. But during her intensive research into suitable scooters, Maggie had come across the eFOLDi Explorer, a portable, folding 3 wheeled scooter that was also Class 3 compliant and therefore UK road legal. Maggie commented, “the Explorer appeared to be lightweight, airline friendly, and compact enough to fold down into a cabin-sized case in just a few seconds. This would also allow me to carry it up or down a flight of stairs at my home using the carry handle, which would be very useful in terms of storage.” Maggie proceeded to arrange a home demonstration and a mobility consultant from eFOLDi organised a home visit so she could see if the Explorer would be suitable. Maggie said, “The Explorer seemed perfect for travel needs. Plus, I’d literally be able to fold up my scooter and store it away in my cabin wardrobe in between excursions on my cruise, leaving me to enjoy my trip!”

“The scooter could be transported easily in a variety of different cars”

Having purchased her eFOLDi scooter to accompany her on her cruise, Maggie had a few weeks to test it out in her local area and she was pleased to discover that she could fold and unfold her scooter very quickly and easily, when she was out and about. Maggie says, “The scooter could be transported in a variety of different cars from the local car club, either in the boot, on the back seat or in the front footwell and it also fitted easily into in any black cabs when needed.” Maggie even used her scooter to travel on trains, trams and the London underground. Maggie soon realised she could also use her scooter for occasional outings for work purposes, as well as for leisure, which would be a real help.

“My scooter allowed me to get the most out of an amazing trip”

The day soon arrived, and Maggie was thrilled to be boarding Cunard’s luxury Queen Victoria liner at the port of Southampton. Maggie noted, “Whilst I was a little apprehensive at first, my scooter really allowed me to get the most out of an amazing trip, And, on shore excursion days I’d literally drive my eFOLDi scooter down to whatever coach or boat was waiting to transport the excursion party. I’d simply fold it up and someone would store it away until I needed it and I could just head off on my own around the town where-ever we were docked. The cruise staff were amazed just how small and compact my scooter was.”

“I would genuinely recommend an eFOLDi to anyone looking for a portable, lightweight scooter for foreign travel”

Maggie enjoyed an amazing three months away on her long voyage around Cape Horn, visiting numerous destinations along the way. Maggie said, “I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience without my eFOLDi scooter. It’s simply magic, and it gives me the complete independence to travel and do all the things I used to be able to do when I was younger and more mobile. It gives me a lot more choice to do as I want, without the need to worry.” Maggie even affectionately named her scooter ‘Kim Pholdy’, as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the British double-agent, ‘Kim Philby’ and because its registration number contained the airport code for Pyongyang in North Korea.

When asked how she would describe her eFOLDi scooter, Maggie commented, “ingenious, unique and absolutely invaluable. I would genuinely recommend an eFOLDi to anyone looking for a portable, lightweight scooter for foreign travel. The aftersales service is also brilliant. The eFOLDi team are delightful to deal with, so I know support is always there if I need it.”

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