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Your eFOLDi Explorer weighs 17Kg / 38lbs without battery (19Kg / 42lbs with battery).

The eFOLDi Explorer can carry up to 120Kg / 265lbs

Up to 4mph in slow speed gear switch and 8mph in fast speed gear switch. This depends on many factors, including conditions of terrain, slope angle, load weight and weather conditions. The throttle is sensitive to how much you twist it, so if you don't want to go at full speed you don't have to twist it all the way.

This does depend upon the intended terrain and the weight of the load, but we recommend 35 PSI on each of the 3 tyres for a comfortable ride in most conditions.

12" for the front and 10" for the rear.

Pinch and release the brake cable just above the front wheel. Unclip the electric cable and then use a spanner to undo the wheel nuts. Then the front wheel will drop out from the forks for you to be able to replace either the tyre or the inner tube. This is best done with a set of tyre levers. Once you have replaced the tyre or inner tube, repeat the same process in reverse.

The brake is a standard cable rim brake, just like on a bicycle. Over time and usage, the cable will stretch and the brake blocks will wear. Once you notice any performance loss, it is recommended that you book you eFOLDi Explorer in for a service. To engage the brake lock, pull on the brake lever and then push the lock into place. Never fold your eFOLDi Explorer with the brake lock on, as this will cause damage to the mechanism.

Up to 5 hours. It is recommended to charge when the voltage display reads less than 24. When it is fully charged it will read 29.2

The flat keys are the ignition keys, which insert into the eFOLDi Explorer next to the throttle. The rounded keys are the battery keys and release and lock the battery into its compartment at the rear of the eFOLDi Explorer.

The battery is located in the compartment behind the back rest.

Yes, it is up to you if you would prefer to charge the battery either in, or out of the eFOLDi Explorer.

The range is impacted by a number of factors in respect of surface and tyre conditions but will travel up to 22km/14 miles on dry even surfaces.

Spray the seat bolts and springs with a PTFE spray, which will stop any squeaking.

No, neither are able to be adjusted.

Yes. You can drive your eFOLDi Explorer up to the cabin doors, where you will be asked to take out the battery and keep it with you for the duration of the flight. The main eFOLDi Explorer will be taken to a secure part of the hold by the cabin crew and returned to you when you land.