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Hello! I'm Sumi Wang, Founder of SunTech UK and co-inventor of eFOLDi. SunTech UK Ltd is a specialist company that invents, designs and manufactures innovative products. All created to improve convenience, efficiency, quality (and enjoyment) of life by enabling easy mobility. Our mission is to build an iconic brand for people with reduced mobility symbolising freedom, fashion and fun!

The eFOLDi scooter is the very first of many smart products we brought to life, which is a fortunate U turn of two unfortunate events in the lives of my father and myself. Otherwise, we wouldn't have won the prestigious title of British Invention of the Year, or got personal endorsement from Sir Richard Branson.

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Our Story

eFOLDi is the brainchild of my father Jianmin Wang. Like most fathers, he is definitely my hero and the greatest man I know. He is an eccentric man and I'm not trying to boast when I say he is a genius.

In 2012, my dad became disabled and instead of complaining to anyone, he sketched up his own transport, eFOLDi, which gave him freedom, pride and most importantly, fun! Like all the best ideas, it wasn't supposed to change the world, it was supposed to solve a problem and it did. Simply by creating a device capable of helping him get around, my dad had created a great breakthrough in personal travel since the dawn of e-transport.

He worked as Technical Director of the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe for more than 20 years, and his ideas and creations have already brought joy to millions of people. His designs of performance and stage props have won many international circus competitions and awards and he has taken the traditional disciplines of Diabolo, Hoop Diving, Pole Climbing and Bicycle Riding in unimagined directions.

When he's not trying to defy gravity or work out how to make a bicycle that can work upside down, he enjoys creating unique artwork, crazy magic tricks or musical instruments. Some people call that "invention", but for my father, it's just how he lives. His motto is "never mind the best, be the only"!

My father is getting older now and his memory is not what it was, but he still has great ideas and loves coming up with new inventions and despite the fact he has already given the world so much, I would like eFOLDi to be his legacy.

Well, compared with my father, I am probably quite boring. But, at least, my mother would say, I'm normal! And I'm really grateful to be normal, especially after my illness...

I became ill in 2013 and was forced to reassess my life and my priorities. I had no choice but to put my fascinating career in London on hold. Two years of hospital visits and surgery followed. It was an extremely difficult time for me, but I used the time to reflect and decided to change my life. Fortunately, after a series of operations and treatment I have made a full recovery and I’m now ready for the new venture.

Before I fell ill, I had 15 years experience in a wide range of fields from engineering, through technology transfer and business development to project management. Organisations I have worked for include the ICUK programme based in Queen Mary, University of London; Black & Veatch; COSCO in China and Novozymes / Novo Nordisk in Denmark.

"never mind the best, be the only"Jianmin Wang

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