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The Road-Legal Mobility Scooter

eFOLDi Explorer

$2,999 (With VAT relief)

Includes Battery & Charger

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Road-Legal Mobility Scooter

The Explorer is our ground-breaking, multi award-winning road-legal mobility scooter. Lightweight, safe and able to travel up to 8mph with a range of 14 miles, this groundbreaking scooter can bring you a new sense of freedom.

While the Explorer is an ideal scooter for both road and pavement travel, you are not limited in terms of convenience. This road-legal mobility scooter can fold and unfold in seconds and weighs only 17kg (without battery). If you want to take it with you on public transport, put it into the boot of a car or simply bring it with you anywhere, it's very easy and convenient to do. Discover this revolutionary scooter that's perfect for road travel and more.

The eFOLDi Explorer folded up and ready to be carried


Unique patented design gives low weight in a durable and fully featured scooter for travel and everyday use.

Wheel of an eFOLDi scooter


Weighing only 17kg (without battery) the eFOLDi Explorer is a fully featured scooter for the most demanding user.

The eFOLDi Explorer folded up


The eFOLDi Explorer will fit snugly into the boot of even the smallest car, easily manageable for travel by train, plane or bus.

The eFOLDi Explorer unfolded and ready to be used


A low centre of gravity, pneumatic tyres and an immensely strong and rigid forged aluminium alloy frame gives strength and stability.

The eFOLDi Explorer folded up and ready to be carried


4 point floating seat suspension and pneumatic tyres give a smooth and comfortable ride.






12AH Li-ion

Close-up of the eFOLDi Explorer scooter seat

Weight - 17kg

(without battery)

Easy to lift and stow


Easy to fold and unfold, easy to drive and fully airline compliant for travel

Frontal view of the eFOLDi Explorer scooter

Carry Capacity

Capable of supporting up to 120Kg


Class 3 roadworthy folding travel mobility scooter

Close-up of the eFOLDi Explorer scooter handlebar with the key in the ignition


Patented design


12 month warranty with UK network support

Close-up of the eFOLDi Explorer scooter front wheel


1 months free


Fully compliant with all major airline regulations

Close-up of the eFOLDi Explorer scooter front wheel from the side


Near silent integrated SuperPower high torque 240 watt motor - climbs 1:6 gradients with ease

Enlarged photo of the Lithium-ion battery for the Explorer Scooter

Li-Ion Technology Battery

Standard 6 hours charging; Superfast 2.5 hours charging (optional)

eFOLDi Explorer FAQs

Whilst being suitable for any day-to-day activities such as going to the shop, the eFOLDi Explorer has the benefit of going at 8 mph and a range of 14 miles, meaning it's perfect for road travel.

This is a road-legal mobility scooter that's both very light, weighing only 17kg (without battery), and very easy to fold and carry with you. Adding up all these factors and you have a model that's both versatile for whatever activity the person wants to do.

Another benefit of the eFOLDi Explorer is that it has a lithium-ion battery, meaning that it is efficient in its energy-use and can have a long life.

If you are wanting to park this road-legal mobility scooter on the road, you are perfectly able to in a safe and secure position. You can also leave it outside the shops on the pavement if this is a more ideal position for you. Simply turn off the ignition and take the key with you.

The Explorer can be ridden on the road or pavement. These road-legal mobility scooters were engineered to make people's lives more convenient and easier with travelling and doing day-to-day activities.

You do not need insurance for this product as you would need with a car, but can definitely choose to have property insurance for your mobility scooter.